The Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC) provides a “One Stop Service” for ill and injured CF personnel, both Regular Force and Reserve Force. The Integrated Personnel Support Centre consists of a multi-disciplinary team including a Family Liaison Officer, whose role is to provide standardized and consistent care in collaboration with the Canadian Forces IPSC team. The main responsibility of this position is to provide direct support, short-term intervention and other related services and supports to civilian family members of Canadian Forces Personnel coping with illness, injury and/or special needs.

Operation Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) offers information and support for military members and veterans with an operational stress injury. As well as information and support for family members. For military members OSISS offers the Peer Support Network and for families OSISS offers the Family Support Network.

The Children’s Education Management Program manages the education compensation and benefits programs for Department of National Defence members to ensure that their dependent children obtain elementary and secondary education.

The Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (MAP) is a free voluntary and confidential service to help members (Regular Force, all Reserve Class Members, Cadets) and family members.  MAP provides a short-term problem solving service for persons who have parenting or family concerns, interpersonal relations, personal and emotional, stress, and anxiety, sexual assault and addiction concerns.

Through research, education, training, and through the provision of peer and psychological support, the Tema Conter Memorial Trust aims to help men and women of our emergency and military services when they need it most.

Veterans Affair Canada (VAC): Support for CF Families assists Veterans and their families in transition to civilian life through the following services:  case-management, individual and family counselling, rehabilitation, group health insurance and other family supports.